Sunday, March 30, 2008

Review:Bloodlust by Alex Duval

Review of Vampire Beach:Bloodlust by Alex Duval
NOTE: unedited

Bloodlust is the 1st book of the Vampire Beach series. It follows a kid who has moved to California from Michigan. There he and his sister get into the party scene. One day after a crazy party. a girl washed up dead. The only clues they have are 2 holes in her neck.
I can't say I enjoyed this book. It kinda dragged on and was a little predictable. However, it has interesting characters and a nice set-up, which leads me to believe that the series might get better as it continues. I have the next 3 books and will read them as well and post my review on them.

It may be a few days though cause right now I am reading a non-vampire book called Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott. It is very good for not having any bloodsuckers in it :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Review:The Dead Girls' Dance by Rachel Caine

Review of the Dead Girls' Dance(The Morganville Vampires) by Rachel Caine
Note:Not edited

This really surprised me. I enjoyed it more than the 1st book. I liked the direction the character's relationships went in. I liked the plot. I liked the twists and turns the story takes. I also understood the story 100% of the time, which I could in Glass Houses.

Ms. Caine's writing is very good. It is pretty plain and simple-which is not a bad thing. She uses good imagery. I like how the story focuses constantly on Claire. So in a sence it's 1st person, but really 3rd? Well it's 3rd but you don't skip around with characters, which I think would make the story more confusing.

All in all, a good read and very enjoyable

Note:Another short review for a book I did on my own leisurly time

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Review:Glass Houses by Rachel Caine

Review: Glass Houses by Rachel Caine(Morganville Vampires Book 1)

This book follows Claire, a college girl, who moves into a house with some older kids after her roommate, Monica, beats the crap out of her and threatens to kill her

This book has it's ups and downs. At times I felt it hard to follow characters motives and why things where going on

On the plus, the characters themselves are very relateable too and make for an interesting read

In the begining I did not like the vampire "lore" that was going on. It just didn't make sense. However towards the end, you figure it all out and it's importance.The book really picked up and I really enjoyed it.

So.........the beginning is good, the middle kinda drags, and the end picks up a lot.

Note: another short review. For those who don't know-when I am reviewing something from my own reading leisure and not "reviewing" it, they are usually much shorter

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Upcoming Teen Vampire Books

alrighty this is a list of upcoming teen vampire novels. I have put them in order of release date.

This, of course, is also my want list of books I would like to read :)

Frostbite by Richelle Mead-April 10
Ninth Grade Slays by Heather Brewer-April 17
Evernight by Claudia Gray- May 27
Feast of Fools by Rachel Caine-June 3
The Coffin Club by Ellen Shreiber-June 24
Vamps-Nancy A Collins-July 22
Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer-August 2
Sucks to Be Me: The All-True Confessions of Mina Hamilton, Teen Vampire (maybe)by Kimberly Pauly-August 26
Vunce Upon a Time by J. Otto Seibold- September 1
Untamed by PC Cast and Kristin Cast-September 30
Shadow Kissed by Richelle Mead-Nobember 13
Stargazer by Claudia Gray-November 18
Revelation by Melissa de la Cruz-December 24
Hourglass by Claudia Gray-Summer 09
Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer-?

If you are an author of an upcoming Teen/Young Adult vampire book and would like it added here, please email me at

Review:Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer

Review:Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer
Note:Not Edited

Alright, there is a story to go along with this book before the review so bare with me here. I go to my local Barnes and Noble to pick up "Chosen" by Pc Cast and Kristin Cast-which I already reviewed. And there in the new books section is this book with a cute little smiley face with fangs on it. Now, the cover was enough for me to buy it and the plot sounded ok. Wasn't really expecting much from it because well, I hadn't heard about it and usually teen vampire books don't fall through the cracks that are my researching. I was almost kinda mad at myself that I hadn't heard about this book before.
So after I finished reading "Vampire Dreams" I picked it up and read the 1st 2 chapters, which where good. I mean the 1st 2 chapters in a book are never amazing. Later on that night I was ready to go to bed and I picked it back up and started reading. I had the books finished in 90 minutes.
.........................there aren't enough words to describe how much I love this book.............

Here-I'll give you my reason why. There's a nice teenage kid-Vlad. He doesn't have many friends. He has to deal with being a vampire(well 1/2 vampire so he doesn't really no where his powers begin and end). His parents are both dead and he lives with his nonvampire Aunt-who I like and dislike at the same time. He also has to deal with the disappearance of his teacher and that teachers new substitute-Mr Otis. I won't give any spoilers away so I can't mention my favorite moment in the book or it might ruin it for you. But here are some things I can remember off the top of my head that I was like wow.
-Vlad is looking at picture of his mom and dad. for some reason this hit me really hard. He may be a vampire but he was still a 13 year old kid who misses his mommy and daddy.
-He is talking to his Aunt Nelly and she tells him a story about how her father shot the family dog because it was sick and that she never thought of him the same way again. This is why I don't like Aunt. The kids 13-let him believe his daddy was a vampire hero. No need to bring down the boys vision of his dead father-not nice, Nelly, not nice.

As I said, I can't mention my favorite moment..........but the reason I liked this book so much is while it is a vampire book it was more human then most books about all humans, if you catch my drift. Here is a kid who is a vampire. He deals with having only 1 friend, being bullied, not knowing how to talk to his crush and having dead parents. His problems are mostly things that everyday kids deal with

the only thing I didn't like about this book was it was a little short. Not even that it was short, but it seemed like Act 1 of a play thats 5 acts long. But there is a sequel coming out a I believe and I am very excited about it. I am really interested in seeing where Vlad ends up. I want to see like "Twelth Grade Sucks" or something, I want to see how this all ends for him. I also want to see how this all pans out with this little girlfriend he has, nothing cuter than a shy vampire boy.

I more than likely won't get to review Ninth Grade Slays until after it's release, although I would LOVE to. I recommend this book to anyone, especially boys interested in vampires-which sometimes Ithink the market is lacking right now. I will review Ninth Grade Slays after it's release though-going to look out the release date on it now.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Review:Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Review of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
Note:Unedited and this is an old review I did from like February that I never posted

I'll start off with the negative and move towards the positive of this book. The negatives are all kinda personal things for me. They are that this book is kinda graphic. Well not really, but compare it to other teen vampire books and well it's just a little more. I, I know-I know, am a little squeemish talking about blood. Yes, I have obbession with vampires-don't ask how the 2 coincide-they don't. It also deals with suicide-or at least it is mentioned-which is a little bit of a touchy subject for me and I ususally stay away from books that talk about it.

That being said-I read the book anyway and I loved it. It is a wonderful book. It is well written and well thought out. I really like how Ms. Mead doesn't give it some happy ending where the girl gets the guy. No. It was as real as vampire supernatural/fantasy gets. I am very excited to read Frostbite, which is the next book in the series. I doubt I will get an advanced copy of it, so y'all have to wait till April for it :(

Review:Vampire Dreams by SparkArt

Review:Vampire Dreams by SparkArt

Note:Again, not edited or spell checked

WOW, this book really surprised me. I went into this not really caring either way.
Good:It has a very great plot and has many twist and turns. The main character James has a very interesting tale to tell and it keeps you involved mostly throughout the whole book. He has a love interest named Victoria(hehe, aren't those 2 vampires in Twilight-Jacob and Victoria) He also has some fellow vampire mentors. The characters are interesting
The Bad: The big words. It is like someone purposly put all these giant words in just so you could learn the definition-which is exactly what it is. I really wish they hadn't done this but hey-the book wasn't written to entertain you-it was written to give you words to learn. It is an alright book and I recomend it to anyone who Wants to A)read a short vampire book and B) want to learn a few new big words

Again, this is another short review of mine. When I read a book for pleasure I ususal just go through it. I also don't worry about things like settings and stuff. I look out for what I like so, my own reviews are usually shorter than my reviews of books the are upcoming or books that I have been asked to review

Review:Chosen by PC Cast and Kristin Cast

Review of Chosen by PC Cast and Kristin Cast

NOTE: I did not review this for anyone, I just did this ony my own, so this hasn't been proof read or edited for spelling.

I liked the 1st to in the House of Night Series, I really did, but I can't say I was extatic to read Chosen. The main character Zoey Redbird, kinda gets annoying at times with her many guy loves. I don't have a problem with characters who have more than 1 love interest but she never does anything to resolve the problem-which kinda annoys me. I can't relate to her so.....yeah. I think books that you have characters you can relate to do much better than books who have characters you can't. Take for instince Harry Potter or, in vampire world, Twilight-they both have numerous characters so it is very hard not to relate to someone. Well, all in all, the book was alright. It dragged a lot towards the middle. However the last 150 pages really surprised me. They where filled with actual action and shocking revelations that I did NOT expect, and I am good at guessing things. I was pleasantly surprised. I actually now am excited for the next book-Untamed-I believe it is.

All in all, I am glad the plot took this turn. I won't spoil anything for anyone but.....well. I got what I wanted :)

Wow this was a short review, usually mine are way longer.

Next Up: I am re-reviewing the Twilight Series in honor of the film. I am also reviewing Vampire Dreams-an SAT vocabulary Novel by SparkArt, which I have like 30 pages left on-let me tell you this-it has SURPRISED me greatly.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Twilight: The Film

alrighty, this is deviating from my usual review posts but i have been asked by a few to do a blog on this so here it is. I really wish I could be like completely Anti-Twilight.

but I can't

I read Twilight for the 1st time back in 2006, before it was "OMG TWILIGHT" kinda like those Potter fans who liked Harry Potter before it was "HARRY POTTER"

It will always have aclose place to my heart. It was the 1st vampire book I read(aide from Anne Rice's books, which I had read before this) Recently(as in last year) I kinda moved away from Twilight and got into other vampire books. Not that I don't like Twilight but............the fandom has gotten so big it's kinda hard to keep up with it.

Now, I had been semi-following the casting the film as per the hype. I figured hey, I'd better be in on this cause I mean, I can't run a teen vampire site if I have zero clue whats going on.

Bad Idea. Twilight has officially retaken my life. i forgot why I loved it in the 1st place. I have recently re-read all the books with the cast members in my mind and they fit wonderfully. My personal favorite cast member is Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen. As a friend said, He IS Carlisle. Carlisle thought it would befunny if he tried out for the role of himself. The rest of the cast is wonderful as well. I'll be doing a post on Kellan Lutz(Emmett) soon and to celebrate the re-opening of Vita Dei, I'm going to redo my reviews of the Twilight series.

I know a lot of other teen vampire authors don't really like the series and I respect that. but.............they are great books, I am very glad to see that they have gone so far and I am glad to consider myself a fan.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Books I have read but not reviewed

Here is a list of Vampire Books I have read but have not reviewed. Now, Some of these I have up on the old site, some I never got around to reviewing. So yeah. I may review them again. If you are an author of one of these books and would like it reviewed drop me an email and I can do something for you.
NOTE:This will keep being added too as I keep reading(duh)
YA Vampire Books:
Marked-PC Cast and Kristin Cast
Betrayed-PC Cast and Kristin Cast
Blue Bloods-Melissa de la Cruz
Masquerade-Melissa de la Cruz
The Vampire Diaries, The Awakening- L.J. Smith
The Vampire Diaries, The Struggle-L.J. Smith
The Vampire Diaries, The Fury-L.J. Smith
The Vampire Diaries, Dark Reunion-L.J. Smith
Vampire Kisses-Ellen Schreiber
Kissing Coffins-Ellen Schreiber
Vampireville-Ellen Schreiber
Dance with a Vampire-Ellen Schreiber
Blood Relative(Volume 1)(Manga)-Ellen Schreiber


To Authors who would like a book reviewed:
Do you have a book you would like to review? Then just drop me an email at . I've gotten authors in the past ask me to review books that weren't vampire-which is COMPLETELY fine. I read many other things besides vampires so yeah ..... I do other things besides vampires. I also will do non-Young Adult fiction.

How Long will it take for you to review my book?
At maximum-1 week from when I receive the book. When I get the book, I will drop you an email. I will then read it, review it, and send the review to you. If you have any other places you would like me to send the review to, newspapers, other online blogs, ect. Expect my review to be placed here and on a great site with lots of teen readers.

Any Requirements?
Yes, Just 1. That you autograph the inside of the book. It's a small tradition I have with all of my books that I am given to review. No I do not go and sell them-which I had someone tell me once.. The 1st book I ever got to review that was given to me by the author-she signed the inside. Ever since then I ask that others do too. You can to sign it To Jessica-you suck, I don't care. I do ask that you personalize it to me tho-Jessica. That way I can look back 10 years from now and remember being 15 and reviewing books, or maybe I'll still be reviewing books-who knows . I've always kept the books I review but.............if you really want it back, I will send it back. I can't be responsible for any damage to it tho-unless like I spill something on it. I have the tendency to bend the pages back so the spine has those creases on it.