Saturday, March 22, 2008


To Authors who would like a book reviewed:
Do you have a book you would like to review? Then just drop me an email at . I've gotten authors in the past ask me to review books that weren't vampire-which is COMPLETELY fine. I read many other things besides vampires so yeah ..... I do other things besides vampires. I also will do non-Young Adult fiction.

How Long will it take for you to review my book?
At maximum-1 week from when I receive the book. When I get the book, I will drop you an email. I will then read it, review it, and send the review to you. If you have any other places you would like me to send the review to, newspapers, other online blogs, ect. Expect my review to be placed here and on a great site with lots of teen readers.

Any Requirements?
Yes, Just 1. That you autograph the inside of the book. It's a small tradition I have with all of my books that I am given to review. No I do not go and sell them-which I had someone tell me once.. The 1st book I ever got to review that was given to me by the author-she signed the inside. Ever since then I ask that others do too. You can to sign it To Jessica-you suck, I don't care. I do ask that you personalize it to me tho-Jessica. That way I can look back 10 years from now and remember being 15 and reviewing books, or maybe I'll still be reviewing books-who knows . I've always kept the books I review but.............if you really want it back, I will send it back. I can't be responsible for any damage to it tho-unless like I spill something on it. I have the tendency to bend the pages back so the spine has those creases on it.

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