Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Review:Vampire Dreams by SparkArt

Review:Vampire Dreams by SparkArt

Note:Again, not edited or spell checked

WOW, this book really surprised me. I went into this not really caring either way.
Good:It has a very great plot and has many twist and turns. The main character James has a very interesting tale to tell and it keeps you involved mostly throughout the whole book. He has a love interest named Victoria(hehe, aren't those 2 vampires in Twilight-Jacob and Victoria) He also has some fellow vampire mentors. The characters are interesting
The Bad: The big words. It is like someone purposly put all these giant words in just so you could learn the definition-which is exactly what it is. I really wish they hadn't done this but hey-the book wasn't written to entertain you-it was written to give you words to learn. It is an alright book and I recomend it to anyone who Wants to A)read a short vampire book and B) want to learn a few new big words

Again, this is another short review of mine. When I read a book for pleasure I ususal just go through it. I also don't worry about things like settings and stuff. I look out for what I like so, my own reviews are usually shorter than my reviews of books the are upcoming or books that I have been asked to review

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