Tuesday, April 15, 2008

NEW LAYOUT!....temporarily

As you have probably noticed, We've got a new layout! So yeah, I went all poser-ish and did the Twilight thing-This is a picture from the film(obviously). James(who is played be the wonderful Cam Gigandet and can be seen in the mirror) is holding Edward(The adorable and wonderfully cast Cedr.. I mean, Robert Pattinson) toward the mirror. This is obviously the final battle between James, Edward, Carlisle, Jasper, and Emmett.

but it is only temporary-why?

Because from now on, I will be changing the layout often-Why you ask?

Because I like to suck up to authors and such.............just kidding

but not really

All joking aside- A layout devoted to somebody's book is wonderful promotion, as it is on everypage.

All authors have to do is drop me an email at trainspotting0@gmail.com with the name of the book and I'll do the rest. The layout will be up- at minimum- of 10 days, but probably longer. This is geared toward those who want to advertise their book like the week before and during it's release. I will be more than willing to extend the 10 days if you'd like.

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