Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Review:Frostbite by Richelle Mead

Review of Frostbite(Vampire Academy Series) by Richelle Mead
note: Unedited

Now, many of you have read my review of this books predeccesor, Vampire Academy-which I enjoyed tremendously. In a world where many Vampire books start sounding the same-Vampire Academy was a diamond-with great original characters. It's sequel. Frostbite, is no different. Once again we follow Rose(or as the delicious Dimitri calls her Roza) as she learns to deal with life. She is a dhampir or 1/2 human/1/2 Vampire and is training to be the guardian of her Royal Moroi(the good vampires) best friend, Lissa. She also has a friend Mason-who is crushing on her, a teacher/instructor(the wonderful Dimitri) who seems to be crushing on Lissa's boyfriend's(Christian) Aunt-WOW,ain't that confusing!

These books are wonderfully written and I am glad to have gotten to read it before all of you. No.....I talk to anyone awesome or do anything amazing to get this copy. I just bought it at my local Barnes and Nobles, who happened to put it out early. I really love this series because well, it kicks ass-no exaggeration. Great vampire "lore", great characters, great plot, great descriptions, great visuals. oh............and this one will make you cry. One of my favorite vampire series out there-but that's my next blog

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