Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Review: Maiden of the Wolf by Tiffany Trent and Angelika Ranger

Review of Maiden of the Wolf by Tiffany Trent and Angelika Ranger

Publisher's Summary:

With the culmination of Between Golden Jaws, Corrine and all of her friends are thrown into separate fairy worlds. Ilona finds herself in one of these raths, a world controlled by an evil countess so obsessed by youth, she sacrifices young girls to draw their life force into her own. Forced to join the countess's troop of werewolves, Ilona must help in their mission of kidnapping girls from the mortal world. As she puzzles over how to save the girls without putting herself in danger, she begins to fall for one of the werewolf lieutenants. It's the chance for love she's always dreamed of, but at what cost?

I was a little wary about Maiden of the Wolf. It is the 1st of book of the Hallowmere series that doesn't follow Corrine, our original main character. It also was the first book to be written primarily not by Tiffany Trent.

I was pleasantly surprised. I admit in the beginning it took me awhile to get into because I was like "Yo, where's Father Joe?!??!?!" but you are quickly engulfed by the story.

The story introduces us to a few main characters mainly Countess Bathory and Varco. Countess Bathory.......well....why don't you google her? Varco is a lieutenant whom Ilona befriends.

Ilona makes a good main character. She might not be Corrine but she is interesting to follow and I enjoyed following her story.

Ms. Ranger's writing also shocked me. I was a little afraid of another author touching Ms. Trent's wonderful work. BUT. Ms. Ranger won be over from the beginning. Her style is like Ms. Trent's but I'd say with a little less detail and a little more flair. Very refreshing and new feel to it.

In Conclusion: Once again, this series astounds me. I eagerly await Queen of the Masquerade(August 12)

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