Friday, June 6, 2008

Review:A Night Road by A.M. Jenkins

Review of A Night Road by A.M. Jenkins

Summary:For a heme like Cole, life is a tightrope existence in which sunlight is his deadly enemy and one mistake could trap him underground, staring at the inside of a coffin lid, for eternity. After a century of wandering he may still look like a teenager, but he's known in the heme community for being observant, meticulous, and controlled—a master of life on the road.

When Cole is asked to take a newly created heme out for training, however, his usual caution may not be enough. If Gordon, the rookie who really is in his teens, can't cut ties with his old life and accept his new limitations, Cole will have to discreetly dispose of the kid—the same way a mad dog would be put down for the safety of society.

Cole thinks he can handle it. But no matter how carefully he plans, or how much he thinks he's in control, accidents still happen. . . .

I thoroughly was surprised by this book. I ended up staying home today(softball collision-pulled some muscles in my neck-VERY painful) and read it all in a few hours. The story itself was pretty good. It follows Cole, Sandor and Gordo as they try to teach the latter the ways of being a vampire. Cole is our main character. While this book's storyline isn't the best-it's characters are wonderful. They are very well developed and each have their own feelings and personalities. In Vampire fiction, there are a few stereotypes(the bloodthirsty crazed one, the one that likes to push his limits, the perfect leader character) and I feel A Night Road avoided these vamp stereotypes well.

I was familiar with A.M. Jenkin's work before hand. I had never read anything of hers, but I a friend of mine loved Repossessed. Her writing is nothing less than spectacular. She is a wonderful asset to Teen Horror/Supernatural fiction.

Moreover, this book needs a sequel. Like NEEDS one. I feel the characters most definitly have more stories in them to tell, especially Cole and Gordo(n),

In Conclusion: A wonderfully, surprising vampire read. I loved it-and I seldom say that. If you are looking to a supernatural book with great detail and great characters-Pick up "A Night Road" by A.M. Jenkins

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Oooh this book looks really good. Now i want to read it.