Friday, June 13, 2008

Review:The 12th Demon by Bruce Hennigan

Review of The 12th Demon by Bruce Henningan

Publisher's Summary:
After defeating the thirteenth demon, Jonathan Steel and Josh Knight return to Dallas, Texas, to finish up Josh's family affairs. When they arrive, a mysterious assassin named Raven surfaces from Steel's murky, dangerous past. At the same time, Rudolph Wulf, the twelfth demon, has arrived from Romania with plans to fulfill a two-thousand-year-old promise to unleash an army of demonic creatures-creatures that will inhabit the bodies of his "vampyre" army. When Wulf kidnaps Josh, Steel must find them in time to save Josh from a violent death and to prevent Wulf from unleashing "vampyre majick" on the world.

I enjoyed the 12th Demon immensly. I will list why below, I usually don't do this in a review but I think it's the easiest way.

1) the story is very compelling. I didn't read the book before this in the series but I didn't feel too lost. It pulls you along and you can't wait to read the next page

2) The writing is very good. Bruce Hennigan writing style is very unique and different-in a good way. It;s hard to describe but it's refreshing and keeps the story going.

3) The main reason I found this so interesting was the fact that it dealt with religion. Now I was raised Roman Catholic but I don't follow/believe in everything it says, but I do have a strong faith in Jesus Christ. Most vampire book either A) make vampires the root of all evil and the devils advocate/spawn/worker/demon/ect. B) completely elude to religion-to hard to deal with.

The 12th Demon deals with religion in a very interesting way. It is an obviously influnce and pulls the story but it is used in a creative way. I like religion in books, even if it isn't my own religon, and I was really happy to see vampires and christianity in the same book-reminded me a lot of Anne Rice when she was still writing about vamps.

In Conclusion: An interesting, unique story that I feel many of my vamp fans will enjoy. I reccomend it.

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