Thursday, June 12, 2008

Review:Vamps by Nancy A. Collins

Review of Vamps by Nancy A. Collins:

So yeah, I've wanted to review this book for awhile. Now, I do read my fellow reviewers reviews and I had heard pretty disappointing things about this book. So my anticipation kind of dropped and I was no longer elated to read this book. How ever I was pleasantly surprised.

Yes, one of the main characters, Lilith, best friend dies and she is more worried about her dad cutting up her credit cards.

Yes, Lilith is afraid of not being able to see her reflection

Yes, The book has redeeming qualities

In these reviews, this is pretty much why people didn't like the book, too superficial, too fake, ect.

Those facts are only a small part of the story. Being a vampire book reviewer and reading pretty much every teen vampire book out there, the ones that are different, unique stick out more than the okay but forgettable ones.

Vamps is unique and different. I think it has blended a lot of different elements of young adult vampire fiction into one.

The characters have faults but the story and writing don't, I think it's somewhat silly to not like a book because one of the characters you don't like. yes, Lilith is stupid and bitch-I don't like her- but she is very interesting to read and I am interested to see how she evolves over the next books in the series- perhaps she will grow into somewhat of a likable character. Cally is a likable character.

As said, the book has redeeming moments that are funny, uplifting and interesting. My favorite scene is when Cally kisses Exo Orlock on his cheek and he just stands there with his hand on his cheek. It's a good moment for the book, because Exo is not exactly attractive*hint-look at last name* and he is a slight nerd-or Spod as they say in the book- but he is a good guy and I think he is kinda cute in his own way. Then of course there's Peter............but that's dealing with spoiler territory and you all know I don't do that.

I also thought I'd address the issue of drugs and sexuality in this book. Along with being panned for being superficial, the book has been criticized for being explicit with sexual and drug explicitness. Now, again, being a book reviewer, you become numb to things like this- but I'd thought I'd make this point. On my advanced readers copy it says Ages 14 and up and Grades 9 and up. obviously this book is meant for high schoolers, not tweens. I always keep this in mind when writing a review, so really-it's being quite prudish to say this book is explicit because he boy friend plays with her thong and they drink blood laced with drugs from addicts. NOTHING Young Adult has not seen before nor will it be the last time.

In Conclusion: I liked it. In the Young Adult/Teen Vampire world, you must fight hard to be different than the others. Vamps is different and I will remember it 3 months from now. I think this book is getting far to hard of a rap.

Vamps will be released July 22

Vamps is scheduled for a release of a sequel, Vamps:Night Life on January 27-will definitely be checking that out

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Carol said...

Yea I agree this book did have redeeming qualities. Although it kind of reminded me of Bluebloods. I don't know why though. I can't wait for the sequel!