Sunday, January 18, 2009

Review:Eternal by Cythia Leitich Smith

Publisher's Summary:
At last, Miranda is the life of the party: all she had to do was die. Elevated and adopted by none other than the reigning King of the Mantle of Dracul, Miranda goes from high-school theater wannabe to glamorous royal fiend overnight. Meanwhile, her reckless and adoring guardian angel, Zachary, demoted to human guise as the princess’s personal assistant, has his work cut out for him trying to save his girl’s soul and plan the Master’s fast-approaching Death Day gala. In alternating points of view, Miranda and Zachary navigate a cut-throat eternal aristocracy as they play out a dangerous and darkly hilarious love story for the ages.

To be quite frank, it's an amazing concept. The book starts out amazing,falls flat towards the middle and shines at the end. It's the kind of book you want to read over a long period of time, like a week or two. It's not for those, like myself, who read it all in one day because you get a few decent chapters falling short of the amazing beginning. I did love the changing of "readers" and the ending is nothing short of amazing. I hope I'm not bashing the middle of the book, but for readers like me, it was a little boring because not much happens in the middle. I am uber excited for the sequel, which combines the characters of Tantalize and the characters of Eternal together-can't wait! In conclusion, a book with much potential, that falls a little short in the middle, but with it's amazing ending, you might forget that you where so bored with it one point.

Eternal goes on sale February 10, 2009

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