Friday, April 10, 2009

Review: East Garrrison by G.M. Weger

Publisher's Summary:
All Tracy Dade wants is to deliver a healthy baby and be a good mother, but she fears her unhealthy relationship with her father-a Vietnam vet suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder-will sabotage her ability to have a normal life. She decides reconciling with him is her only hope and begins a pilgrimage to Fort Ord's abandoned East Garrison to track him down. In her way stand acres of land polluted with unexploded ordnance, an overprotective husband, a dangerous predator stalking the base, and her own stubborn heart. With her labor just hours away, she's running out of time.

I didn't have high expectations for this book. It just didn't seem like the type of thing I'd really like. I was pleasantly surprised. It was suspenceful, to my surprise. The characters, especially Tracy, where likeable. The story was good and interesting. I liked it. It's not anything to write home about but it's a good suspence novel I think some of you would like. Ms. Weger has good potential in the future-I will look for her future work.

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