Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Review:Shine, Coconut Moon by Neesha Meminger


Seventeen-year-old Samar -- a.k.a. Sam -- has never known much about her Indian heritage. Her mom has deliberately kept Sam away from her old-fashioned family. It's never bothered Sam, who is busy with school, friends, and a really cute but demanding boyfriend.

But things change after 9/11. A guy in a turban shows up at Sam's house, and he turns out to be her uncle. He wants to reconcile the family and teach Sam about her Sikh heritage. Sam isn't sure what to do, until a girl at school calls her a coconut -- brown on the outside, white on the inside. That decides it: Why shouldn't Sam get to know her family? What is her mom so afraid of? Then some boys attack her uncle, shouting, "Go back home, Osama!" and Sam realizes she could be in danger -- and also discovers how dangerous ignorance can be. Sam will need all her smarts and savvy to try to bridge two worlds and make them both her own.

Now, I was so excited to read this novel and it doesn't dissapoint. I have a friend who actually is Sikh and she was very excited to hear that someone had written a book that starred teenagers and involved her religion. I was also just really into the story. I was in 2nd Grade at the time of 9/11 but I remember it vividly. This story follows the after math of it through the eyes of a teenager girl-Samar.

Samar is an average girl. and like average girls-she has some problems. The book shines in the fact that it is very realistic. Her mother is not evil-but shes no where near perfect. Every character has flaws and I like it that way. And I think you will like this novel. :D I reccomend it to my world culture readers and to anyone who wants a good coming of age story.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Review: The One by Ed Decter

Product Description
Chloe Gamble knows three things: she's better than the tiny Texas town she grew up in; there's just one person she can trust; and she wants to be famous.

And what Chloe wants...Chloe gets.

You know it was coming.

the day when I got to say.

I found my favorite book ever!

I loved this book, from the bottom of my heart- I loved it! It's as simple as that. I loved the story, the writing the characters-all of it! I am going to go totally unprofessional and end this review right here because all I need to tell you is that it's an amazing book and all of you will love it. Theres something for everyone in it and you all will enjoy it......No really.......

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Review:GoldenGirl by Micol Ostow

Product Description
Paige, Spencer, and Madison have it all: the looks, the connections, the money, the boys. As the daughters of three of the most prestigious families on Philadelphia's Main Line (read: old money, and lots of it) and the ruling juniors at Bradford Prep, nothing can stand in their way....except, perhaps, their own dark secrets. When an old frenemy from Paige's hidden past shows up at Bradford and plays nice--too nice--Paige is desperate to smother the threat. How far will she go to silence the truth?

GoldenGirl is written in blog format, where post of the time the main character Spencer writes whats happening in her blog and her friends respond. Its an interesting format considering you would think a lot would be missed this way, which is true. Parents only show up when shes in trouble and are rarely mentioned....oh wait...teens wouldn't blog about their parents.

And this is where GoldenGirl triumphs, it doesn't loose its quality writing to the format, instead it provides an acurate dipiction of what a girls blog might actually sound like.

My only peeves are that its WAY too short and it takes about 1/3 of the book before you figure out the plot-which isn't always a bad thing.

All in all-it was awesome! I loved it and I say that about books very rarely. A++++

Make sure you check out bradfordprep.com -it's so cool!

NEXT UP: The One by Ed Decter( I started it last night, it's phenominal!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009


hope everyone who requested this likes it! I love the colors!